ULFM Upgrades Continue, Enablement Fund Monies Received


A PLETHORA of multifaceted upgrades and adjustments have taken place at ULFM over the Christmas break.

A complete rearrangement of the studio has taken place with a view to improving the technical efficiency of the station, along with providing an increased level of aesthetics and space for presenters and their guests.

Some new equipment and a new computer have been provided, providing an immeasurable increase in performance and reliability for those presenting shows on the station. A phone line will be provided for those who wish to have live callers on their shows.

The ULFM application to the Ulster Bank enablement fund has resulted in approximately €10,000 being made available to the station for the aforementioned equipment purchases and upgrades. A significant sum will also be spent on training.

Programming for this semester will begin on Monday, Week 2. The audience base has been broadened with the addition of shows such as an Irish Trad hour, Clubs and Socs hour and a Union hour, along with a “Top 30” type show in both Irish and English. Highly successful shows such as Censored with Grainne Harte and Sean Dunne will be making a return, along with Tunes on Tuesday with Daniel Fox.

A new website has been provided. Kieran Caplice, who has also been busy with the An Focal website, has put the new ULFM site in place.

A shortcut to the website has been provided on the desktop of all staff and student PC’s in ITD clusters in the University, while it is envisaged some form of public broadcast in areas such as the SU Common Room will take place this semester. A successful trial was held in the courtyard Spar shop toward the end of last semester.

Information on programming, the station, and to listen can be found at

Colm Fitzgerald, Deputy Editor