Victims of a college education


I’m not a fan of Christian literature. In fact, I have disassociated myself entirely with Christianity for various reasons best left for another time.

While I have always been tolerant of religion in general, operating under the principles of ‘I’ll respect your beliefs while you respect mine (or lack thereof)’, today’s find leaves me quite glad that I am now on the outside looking in.

One particular pamphleteer who writes for a popular religious publication, “Alive”, is not happy with you and me, the patron of the University, where thought, discourse and debate are openly and actively encouraged.

As a whole, the article has tones of lunacy and I couldn’t help but wonder if the author was throwing his toys out of the pram. “Helping victims of a college education”, proclaims the headline. Don’t forget, a college is a place where our minds will be “contaminated” with common sense and empiricism.

Catholicism is the furthest thing from inspirational. The contrast between it and my University education so far is boundless. I doubt I’ll find many who’ll disagree. However, this man thinks ill of the student population; “they think they are so cool, no-brainers, no-hopers”.

I’ve not yet arrived at the second paragraph and this is already quite infuriating. Further along the article, he accuses “Dim-witted lecturers” of “flogging dud goods” and “belching out poisonous nonsense on society”.

This man obviously considers himself to be a devout man of faith, yet spouting such aggressive and spiteful comments is probably “unholy”. It seems probable that very few students of little faith would read this publication, so he can fear little backlash. However, I happened to find it on Facebook.

The issue of religion in a University is a big one. A majority of students entering University would have been baptised into Christianity as children, and on leaving school a vast majority no longer practice the religion and have no faith in it at all. Many will still follow in the ancient traditions of marrying religiously, and baptising their own children, often for sake of appeasing the grandparents.

However, on a daily basis at college, its obvious faith is far from the minds of most. Developing analytical skills whilst being encouraged to have an open mind makes it easy to find the flaws in Catholicism while if one ends up studying any sort of philosophical work at all, then it’s no wonder so many choose to disregard the bigotry.

Attacking the student population in such a fashion reeks of the desperation of a battle being lost. It’s not difficult to see why.

The article in question is on page 4 here




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