Week 10 UGM not quorate

By Editor Mar 27, 2012
Earlier in the semester, the EGM just about reached quorum

UNSEASONABLY clement weather was blamed among other things for a turnout of just 35 at the Tuesday, Week 10 UGM.

The general meeting, held in the 380 seater KBG12, was intended to pass motions that were not passed at the Week 8 UGM as that meeting was also not quorate.

The meeting was scheduled to take place after the final sitting of class reps council which took place at 6pm. Only around 70 students attended that meeting in the first instance.

At least 200 registered students must attend to meet quorum.

Those in attendance were unsurprisingly critical, saying the meeting was “publicised badly” and more could have been done to raise awareness of the meeting.

Clubs and Socities Council Chair, David Hartery said that issues should not be made “cool” and hit out at using “sexy” descriptions to encourage attendance.

Meanwhile, incoming An Focal Editor, Darragh Roche encouraged the SU to pay less heed to poor numbers.

“A government which receives a poor voting turnout during elections doesn’t stop providing services”, said Mr Roche.

Incumbent CSO and Academic Officer Elect, Paddy Rockett lay blame on election week, which may have resulted in students suffering from leaflet overload.

Sabbats in attendance were frustrated at the situation.

Motions under consideration at the UGM included reduction of sabbatical pay and a motion to mandate sabbats to wear funny hats when addressing public meetings.

SU President, Derek Daly enquired out of all present in the hall who attended out of their own desire and not because of Class Reps or C&S, to which two students responded.

It is unknown what will now occur.




By Editor

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