When the teammates matter more




By Seamus Toomey


There are lots of reasons why you would cancel a date with your significant other, championship games, kayaking in the Alps, Brocon, 3 wall handball tournaments, World University Games 2015 or you just want to hang out with Michelle in the C&S Office.


Over summer a text between a couple (presumably a guy and girl) has gone viral thanks to SPIN South West.


In the text the (we’re assuming) guy defends his prioritising of a UL match over a date with his (more assumptions) girlfriend and when she gets angry his cocksure rebuttal is a wonderful example of just how important a hobby can be to someone.


Ahh young lovers locked in a row over differing interests, here at C&S we don’t blame him, looking at our survey from last semester we know just how important a sport or hobby can be to people.


“Being part of this club is the thing I will remember in years to come long after college has finished, they’re the teammates who turned into sisters, the friends who turned into family and the highlight of my college life. I can’t imagine not having been involved in the club.”


We think this C&S member nails it right on the head so that’s one person on the side of the guy – who would you side with?


Maybe they could join UL Boxing Club to sort it all out.