Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

“Will you be voting yes or no in the marriage referendum and why?”



  1. “I’ll be voting yes, because I think love is love no matter what gender. People should be given the opportunity to marry who they want and adopt kids if that’s what they want.” – Louise Kennedy, 1st Year Journalism and New Media
  2. “I’ll be voting yes because my brother is gay. He wants to get married, and I feel like living in Ireland for him would be a lot easier if he had the opportunity to get married to his significant other.” – Graham Sturdy, 1st Year New Media and English
  3. “Yes. It’s about equality. Everybody has a right to equality and therefore it’s only right to vote yes. Just because you’re homosexual or whatever your orientation is, it doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from human happiness or love. You should be allowed to have your love recognised in the eyes of the law.” – Laura Walshe, 3rd Year Biological Science
  4. “I’m undecided. I’m pretty sure I’m yes, but I still want to look at some laws pertaining to the adoption as to children as to when it’s done by surrogacy, who’s actually the legal parent. See, if the mother decides to keep the baby, who has the legal rights? There’s still a grey area over it and a lot to be covered there. I’m not concerned with the whole two people wanting to be together but when kids start getting involved… Obviously two men can’t have a baby, and with two women you can get a sperm donor but where does the father stand in that? And also where does the mother stand in surrogacy, what rights does she have? It’s completely grey and until I see an effort being made to tackle these problems, I won’t be voting yes or no.” – Dean Shanahan, 3rd Year Electronic and Computer Engineering
  5. “I’ll be voting yes. Everybody should have the right to marry who they want, you can’t control it.”  – Theresa Hughes, 1st Year International Insurance and European Studies
  6. “I’m voting yes, because people deserve it. Why mark them down as something else?” – Aine O’Donnell, 2nd Year Occupational Therapy
  7. “Yes. I’m an LGBT myself, so just to make sure that we actually get the same rights as everybody else. Everybody deserves equal rights, so I don’t see the issue. It should just be a no-brainer, I think everybody should be voting yes.” – Alicia Von Metzradt, 3rd Year Science Education
  8. “I’m not registered so I won’t be voting. I never got around to it, which is my own fault.” – Joe Doyle, 1st Year Maths and Physics
  9. “Yes. Because why not really? It’s as simple as that.” – Colm Les, 3rd Year Woordwork Teaching
  10. “I’m planning on voting yes, because I’m all for rights across the board. And I don’t particularly like some of the methods used by the “No” campaign.” – Cathal O’Donnell, 2nd Year Computer and Electronic Engineering
  11. “Yes, of course. I believe that everyone is entitled to marry whoever they want. I don’t think that anyone should be in charge of who anyone else should be able to marry. It’s nobody else’s choice but your own who you want to be in love with and get married to.” – Jennifer Brosnan, 2nd Year Business
  12. 12.  “Yes, because it’s only fair. Gay people deserve to get married just as much as straight people do, love is love.” – Bridget Howard, 1st Year Law Plus



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