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By Editor Sep 11, 2015

By Ciara Corcoran


The Welfare Team is a group which tackles welfare issues throughout campus and is run through the welfare office. The Welfare Team is an opportunity to get involved in tackling welfare-related issues that are relevant to students, answer questions that current students are asking, and most importantly, we have fun doing it. Our campaigns range from mental health awareness, drug and alcohol issues, and body image concerns. We welcome all volunteers who have a passion for student welfare or who just want to get involved and meet new people.


The Welfare Team is a fantastic way to get involved in university life and meet new people. Not only this, members of the team will develop an array of skills varying from project management and communication to marketing. These skills also include those arising from various training opportunities throughout the year including suicide awareness and intervention training and sexual health training. Your involvement in the Welfare Team will also allow you to apply for the President’s Volunteer Award which you will hear so much about throughout the year.


We welcome anyone and everyone to join the team, from 1st to 4th year, access students, postgrads, mature students, international students…….


Finally, it’s about having fun and doing good work at the same time. You will make some great friends, have so much fun and learn a huge amount about yourself.


So don’t forget to keep an eye out at the recruitment drive! We’ll be having our first meeting Wednesday week 2 at 6pm in the SU, see you all there!



By Editor

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