Anytime of the Month Workplace Ambassador Programme


Anytime of the Month are based out of the University of Limerick and work voluntarily through a portfolio of initiatives to alleviate the effects of period poverty. The organisation believe that everyone has the right to access period products, they believe in menstrual health education and ultimately believe in eradicating the period taboo. People with periods have been invisible to society for a long time, this has to change, immediately.

The most recent initiative that Anytime of the Month have launched is their Anytime of the Month Workplace Ambassador Programme. The motive of these workshops is to allow businesses and organisations to join hand in hand in the fight against period poverty in Ireland. Of course then this consequently will promote the eradication of the period taboo within the workplace. The team at Anytime of the Month knows from research how embarrassing and shameful periods are conceived to be. The period stigma thrives in the workplace, so their hope is that the workshops will annihilate this sentiment. 

The Workplace Ambassador Programme comprises a three tier package for the business/organisation to purchase from (silver, gold or platinum). Once the select package is chosen, the business will access the benefits of their chosen tier and avail of our period positive workshop. The workshop that is provided presents a comprehensive and detailed analysis of what period poverty is; how to identify it and prevent it.  Language of period is also explored, encouraging employers how to be more friendly to LGBTQ+, whilst also emphasising how sometimes language around periods reinforces the period taboo. So by completing the workshop the business will become an Anytime of the Month workplace that provides free period products for employees and customers. Essentially it’s all the necessary tools to become a period positive workspace. 

Furthermore all the profits that the Anytime of the Month Ambassador Programme generates will be used to provide environmentally friendly period products to those in need and for our secondary school education programme. Those in need include members of direct provision and victims of homelessness. Integral to our cause is the belief that everyone should have access to period products, no matter what.

It’s time to seek justice for everyone with a period. So if you know a business/organisation that would become a period positive workplace or you’re involved with a workplace that would, contact us. You can email us at or check out our social media @AnytimeoftheMonth. Period poverty is a social justice issue.So join us, together lets fight for justice.



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