BREAKING: Possible Mumps outbreak at University of Limerick

By Mike Finnerty Sep 30, 2019
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A email sent to all students at the University of Limerick has warned of a mumps outbreak.

“It appears there have been a number of confirmed cases of mumps this past week on campus,” the email read, which was delivered to UL students shortly before three o’clock this afternoon by the Student Health Centre.

“It is important that any student experiencing isolate themselves from other students, and where possible, go home for seven days after onset of symptoms.”

A spokesperson for the University said “There has been a small number of confirmed cases in the past week on campus and students are being asked to follow the advice of the Student Health Centre.”

Mumps is a viral infection which in general terms presents with a swelling of one of the salivary glands or more in the neck.

The symptoms of Mumps include: Swelling in front of the ear or beneath the jaw on either the left or right side or indeed on both sides, swellings that are sore and tender to the touch and may cause difficulty swallowing, a mild fever and aches, pains and headaches.

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Warning: UL warns of possible mumps outbreak at the University

In the vast majority of cases, the condition is self-limiting and will resolve in a matter of a few days without any adverse effects or complications.

The email adds that any member of staff or students wishing to seek clinical advice should contact their GP.

More information about the disease can be found here:

There was a previous outbreak of Mumps at UL in October 2018.



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