Controversgirl’s Column: Out The Bag

By Enya McIntyre Feb 18, 2019

My dad’s a typical dad.

You know the ones who make jokes about everything and laugh at themselves?

One of my dads favorite jokes is to rip the piss out of me and my sisters for how much we are “our mother’s

And what makes him say this? Our incessant needs to keep buying bags and shoes. I mean, the man makes a point- one pair of shoes and a bag, and you should be set.

But c’mon dad: do you really think we’re gonna put ourselves or our wardrobes through that?

Today I’m going to give you some advice on what bags you need in your wardrobe and a list of reasons you can slam at your dad on why you need them.

#1 – Tote Bags
You will rarely see me without one of these by my side. Whether it’s one of the big dressy leather ones or a little foldable cotton one- there’s one attached to my hip.

This is probably my favorite tote bag. I purchased it from the brand Cabal which happens to be run by University of Limerick students so support local and all that jazz!

It’s the perfect size for college- my laptop and other bits fit in snuggly, and when I’m not in college I use it shopping
instead of using plastic or paper bags so helping improve the planet is also another great perk.

Also, since it’s cotton, it’s a snap to add on your own patches, badges or embellishments.

As you can see, I added in some of my own badges to spruce it up a little.

If you’re a little bit more on the glam spectrum and baggy tote bags aren’t cutting it for you don’t fear that’s what leather is here for (faux might I add, in most of our cases).

Faux leather tote bags tend to be a lot sturdier than cotton ones and have a more “glam business” aura about them.

I actually have a fake Louis Vuitton one which also fits my laptop, but there’s a wide range
available in most shops and online.
This one is available on Pretty Little Thing at the minute for €21 – probably not the most practical of bags but was too cool for me to leave out!

#2 – Clutches
On the topic of glam, this brings me onto the traditional clutch for a night out.

I must admit I’m not too big on clutches; they remind me of children- they’re pretty to look at for a while, maybe
take some pictures, but if I had one I’d probably forget to hold onto it and lose it.

That being said, you wouldn’t be a true woman without at least one clutch in your wardrobe.

I recommend investing your pretty pennies in a neutrally toned clutch so that when the races or any other event
pops up, you’ll have a classy clutch to match any outfit!

This snake print clutch is only €13 on Boohoo and will go with almost anything.

The snake pattern adds a little bit extra to the outfit while the neutral beige tones keep it simple to match almost anything!

#3 – Bumbags
On the other hand, if you’re anything like me, then that glam clutch life is bottom of your list of priorities.

As a substitute to this you could opt for the more utility look of bumbags or as the more vulgar of us know it as, “fanny packs.”

Not only are they stylish but they’re also highly practical, as they’re quite literally attached to you making it less likely for things to be stolen or lost.

I also dig how diverse bum bags can be styled- you could cross it over the front of your chest, around your waist or facing the back like a little backpack- all super cute – and practical!

Both Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo have a really great selection of bumbags at the moment.
These are my top picks:

Not only are they €12 on Pretty Little Thing- sooo cute!!


Classy Louis V esque on Boohoo for only €13- who said bumbags can’t have class!

#4 – Backpacks 
They got us through at least 10+ years of schooling- there’s no way these guys couldn’t get a

Backpacks range from so many different shapes and sizes- their uses are endless.

Cute little dinky ones are perfect for nights out with just enough room for your wallet, phone, and the
essential lippy.

Then when it’s time to knuckle down you can rely on a bigger backpack to carry your college workload or for trips and such.

They’re the holy grail of backpacks, let’s be honest!

Spice up your life with this funky girly backpack for €32 on Pretty Little Thing!

This was just a little chit chat on bags to maybe help you think a little bit harder on what you fill
your accessory collection up with.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

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