Five Quick Ways To Make Money In College


Trying to fund nights out, accommodation fees and food for the week isn’t exactly easy when you have no moola left to make these deeds happen. 

Here’s how to whip up some cash fast in college.

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Skills to pay the bills

Lecture notes and study guides are always in high demand. If you’ve reached a decent grade in a module, you can sell your notes to websites such as studyclix, studocu and stuvia. 

If you’re confident in your note-taking skills, you might also be able to land yourself a job as a tutor or student note taker. 

The disability services in UL require note-takers and is open to anyone.

Inquire at the UL academic office, and you could easily make at least €10 per lecture. 

Studying never felt so sweet!

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Work it out

Getting a part-time job working in a pub during freshers or packing shelves for Christmas is the easiest way to earn money as a student. Keep your eye out for job alerts online and suss out what others are doing to see if there are any vacancies. Shops and restaurants usually have notice boards full of potential ads.

Book worm

Got books collecting dusk around the gaff? Bring them to a second-hand shop, old book store or school book rental shops. We all remember that Leaving Cert books were super pricey, so you never know, you just might get some decent cash.

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Gimme the Goods

Deliveroo and Just Eat are popping up all over the shop so take a look at becoming a rider for a food delivery service. Not only can you make a few bucks but if you have a bike you can get a free workout! Think of all the muscle and the tips you could make!

Sit around

If you’ve had great memories looking after a younger sibling or neighbour, you could be a great babysitter.

If minding children isn’t your thing, how about pets? 

But don’t do it just for the cash! 

You have to actually like children or animals to be able to look after them. If you can’t see anyone wanting this, stick up a few details on a noticeboard.