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By Editor Jan 27, 2016

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By Marian O’Donnell


This year we are having a dedicated FYP week for our fourth year students. This will be in Week 2 and will focus on those students who are currently struggling through the process of completing their FYP. It is one of the most stressful times that you will have in college and I really feel for the students doing it at the moment – I was in the same boat last year.


Because it is the one thing in college that is really self-directed learning and nobody is really doing the same project as you, often people make simple mistakes or don’t know who to turn to for help – this is why we are focusing on providing those answers during Week 2.



One of the main things that I would say to any student is to get in contact with your supervisor straight away! If you have been putting off emailing them as it’s been September since you last showed them any work, it doesn’t matter. Get in contact sooner rather than latter!


The FYP is worth so much of your final grade and it’s important that your supervisor is able to give you help editing your chapters and steering you in the right direction.


For the small percentage of you out there that don’t have a supervisor yet – please get one! Either get in touch with your Course Director, the head of your Department or approach a lecturer – but stop putting it off.


For those of you who are struggling through your FYP or have hit a wall – make sure to use the supports available to you such as the Writing Centre. They will be able to answer a lot of questions in relation to format and what exactly a literary review is meant to look like. The writing Centre will be running a number of workshops during Week 2 to help you tackle your FYP – FYP 101.


Keep an eye on your email and Facebook for more details in relation to the FYP Week.



By Editor

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