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By Editor Jan 27, 2016



This month Anthony O’Brien went out on campus to ask some questions for An Focal. With the 2016 General Election expected within a month, we wanted to know how many UL students knew about it and if they planned to vote.


1. Do you know about the General Election coming up in Ireland?

2. Do you plan to vote?

3. Do you mind if I ask who you intend to vote for?


1. Colin Brannan

Colin Brannan, Masters in Creative Writing



3. I haven’t decided yet, Probably Independents


2. Avril Horan

Avril Horan, 2nd Year PME in Languages

1. No

2. I didn’t know about it, so no

3. Thomas O'Loughin

Thomas McLoughin, 3rd Year in Pharmacutical and Industrial Chemistry


2. I do

3. Haven’t decided yet. Fianna Fail maybe


4. Austin Duignan

Austin Duignan, 1st Year Medical Student

1. I do yeah

2. If I’m around yeah

3. I’m not sure yet. I’ll weight it up


5. Niamh McKenna

Niamh McKenna, Final Year in Liberal Arts

1. I have a fair idea of it, but I’ve yet to register

2. Well I have the registration form printed off

3. No idea yet, I have to do some research

6. Sanobar Fahir Nehmin

Sanobar Fahir Nehmin, 1st Year PhD in Optical Sensors

1. No, I don’t know about it

2. No, because I’m not from Ireland, I’m not an Irish citizen


7. Shane McNamara

Shane McNamara, 2nd Year Masters in Education

1. Yeah, I did

2. Yeah, I plan to vote

3. Not sure yet, undecided so far. Probably Fine Gael though


8. Padraig Leahy

Padraig Leahy, 3rd Year in Business Studies

1. Yes, I’m quite aware of it

2. I plan to

3. I plan to vote for Fianna Fail

9. Patrick Laheesh

Patrick Laheesh, Final Year in Chemical Engineering

1. I don’t know about it

2. I’m actually in my final year, so I’m extremely busy with my projects, and need to focus


10. Edmund Kennedy

Edmund Kennedy, 4th year in Chemical Engineering

1. Yes I did, someone told me

2. I do if I have the time to get home to my local constituency

3. I don’t know at the moment, I’ve been too busy with final year stuff to pay attention to it

1. Sean McKillen

Seán McKillen, 3rd year PhD in History

1. Yeah, I’ve heard about all the potential election dates

2. Of course

3. I actually don’t know, I always fly towards the Independents but there’s so many types of them now. Limerick will be hotly contested. I think I probably lean towards the Social Democrats at this stage



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