Healthy UL Reusable Biodegradable Cup Launched

By Jordan Lynch Sep 27, 2018

This month marked the launch of UL’s new ‘Healthy UL reusable biodegradable cup’.

Over 3,500 of these biodegradable, reusable beverage cups were given out to all incoming first year undergraduate, postgraduate and international students during their orientation at UL.

The new cups will be on sale for all other members of the UL community at a subsidised price of €2 from the UL Visitor Centre shop.

When purchasing tea or coffee all retailers throughout the UL campus will offer a discount to those who present their reusable cups.

“Health and the environment are inextricably linked and approaches to improve both are deeply complementary. A clean environment supports healthier lifestyles and healthy behaviour leads to environmental benefits,” UL’s President, Dr Des Fitzgerald said in an email circulated to students about the new initiative.

“Fostering a responsibility to our environment in our students from the beginning of their time at UL is something we hope will stay with them throughout their lives and careers.”

The provision of the biodegradable cup is part of the new ‘Healthy UL’ initiative which aims to improve health and wellbeing across the country.

As part of the ‘Healthy UL’ initiative all UL campuses have been designated as smoke and vape free zones while food outlets on campus have to offer a “Healthy Choice” as part of their menus.




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