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Thanks so much to everyone for reading my previous column with An Focal and if you didn’t then that’s OK too!

The last time round I was writing from Manchester but since it’s now Easter time I’m writing this from County Mayo. Not as exciting but try work with me here!

I can’t believe my Erasmus journey will soon be coming to a close when I go back on April 20th..

I only have three weeks left which is absolutely crazy when I think about it, but ‘time flies’ and all that.

Erasmus has been such an amazing experience so I will be sad when it’s over but also kind of glad to be home full time in Ireland.

I have so many plans for this summer so I’m excited so see them come to fruition – one being my own radio show! But I’ll tell you more about that another time.

Since moving to Manchester I’ve noticed that university life in the UK is so different to university life in Limerick and probably the rest of Ireland.

One of the main contrasts I’ve noticed is how in Manchester everyone dresses like their going to the races when in fact they’re just going to lectures.

This is fine in my opinion but it often puts a lot of pressure on one to follow suit. I know at 8am on a Monday morning I’d prefer an extra 15 minutes in bed opposed to getting up picking out nice clothes for class… But maybe I’m just a lazy git?

Another big difference I’ve noticed between university life in the UK and in Ireland is the honesty with competitiveness… if that makes sense?

In Ireland, for example during the Leaving Cert, we all know someone who claims they did zero study and didn’t even know how to open a book past school hours.

But come results day in August they so happen to secure 500 plus points WITHOUT any study. Like come on, really? JUST ADMIT YOU STUDY!

Anyways back to my point – in England people have no problems telling you how much they work or study or how much they want something and if I’m honest I really admire that about them.

Other than that, university life is pretty similar. We go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the same student nights as Limerick.

I’ve really enjoyed the Erasmus experience and am extremely glad that I took the opportunity and made the most of it.

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