Here’s What Semester One Taught Me

By Editor Feb 10, 2017

By Eimear Kelly

• Life is very expensive

• Bus Eireann do not care about their customers or where they should have been a half an hour ago

• Most people you meet in college are really friendly

• Lecturers are surprisingly bad with technology

• Colleges and Universities offer some great opportunities

• Some days the most productive thing you’ll do is watch almost an entire season of a show on Netflix

• Working kitchen appliances are not to be taken for granted

• Forgetting people’s names becomes almost a daily problem

• Aldi’s white rum is actually a good idea (and it’s very cheap)

• Naps are crucial

• So is coffee

• Eating healthy at college is a very difficult task

• The only people that don’t mind doing group assignments are the ones who do nothing/very little

• Cheaper washing powder seems to be just as good as the expensive ones

• Some lecturers try too hard to be funny

• Booking the accommodation you want as soon as possible is a smart idea

• JustEat is a beautiful but dangerous app

• Some people in your modules won’t appear until exam time

• Leaving assignments until the last minute isn’t worth the panic it creates

• Having your food stolen is a common problem

• Alcohol is a lovely way to bond with people

• When people tell you about college, they rarely mention the stress it causes

• iPhone chargers are too weak to be carried in handbags on a daily basis

• After the first few weeks, re-wearing/borrowing outfits for nights out is the only option

• Finding money you forgot you had is a lot more exciting than it should be

• We’re lucky to have the opportunity to go to college/university



By Editor

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