I challenge you

By Editor Apr 1, 2016

By Emma Craven


I challenge you. Here I have compiled a list of things that I challenge you to do. Try it out. You never know, some of the challenges on this list could improve your life for the better. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?


I challenge you to listen to what people are saying.

Too often we are so concerned with how we respond to other people when they are finished speaking, that we forget to really listen to what they are telling us. Listen more when having a conversation and what you learn and the bond you make with people could surprise you.


I challenge you to take a deep breath.

Sometimes due to the stress of college, exams, relationships or whatever it is you’re going through in life, you can forget to stop and breathe. Give yourself some time to do nothing but focus on your own well-being. You are important too and at the end of the day you’re stuck with yourself forever so take good care!


I challenge you to look at the world from a different point of view.

When something terrible happens to someone close to you (illness, death, or just serious troubles) it puts things into perspective. A lot of the things we see as big issues are really minuscule, and we are making them into something unnecessarily massive. We have 80 years or so on this planet tops, so why not make the most of it? Stop trying to control every little thing, let your life flow how it needs to and enjoy the show!


I challenge you to let yourself be sad…

If you expect and put pressure on yourself to be happy, positive and okay all of the time, the effects can bottle up inside of you. This can result in a vicious turn of moods or sudden decline of emotion, which really doesn’t sound or feel too great. Let yourself be sad, don’t bottle up everything and don’t be afraid to be down in the dumps from time to time.


…but I also challenge you to let yourself be happy.

Often we can expect too much of ourselves which can lead dismal feelings. Let yourself be happy. You’re the only person in charge of how you feel, no one else. So listen to that song you love, go to that event you’ve been waiting for, talk to that person you’ve been wanting to talk to. I say go for it!


I challenge you to let go of your anger

Holding on to anger, grudges and spiteful feelings will only cause you grief. The past cannot be changed. So let go, forgive (but don’t always forget) and take yourself out of that imprisonment. If those feelings make you unhappy, why keep them? It’s not worth your time or energy. Let go of the poison and live in the beautiful present wholeheartedly.


I challenge you to drink more water

8 glasses a day seems like such a massive amount of water but it really isn’t. Water helps your skin feel better, removes toxins from the body and over all does a colossal amount of things that make you feel better inside and out.


I challenge you to tell people what you notice

How often do you see someone wearing something you like the look of, doing something that really impresses you or just being a great person in general? The next time you see something like this, go and tell that person what you think. It’ll make their day and as a result will probably make yours too. I’m a firm believer of  the saying “it’s nice to be nice” and I reckon everyone deserves to hear of the good attributes they have since we are so caught up in telling ourselves all of the negatives.


I challenge you to talk to new people

There really is a sea of people out there and although we were warned as kids to never talk to strangers, sometimes talking to new people can be a good thing. You never know. You could begin to talk to someone completely new and before you know it you’re being taught about matter and antimatter, how exactly E=MC² and find yourself watching conspiracy theories, space documentaries and predictions about black holes at 3 in the morning…


I challenge you to live in the present

I had a friend who was going somewhere important one time and I asked him how he wasn’t nervous. He said he was “in the present the whole time”. Meaning, in the morning his focus was getting dressed, on the bus ride there he was focusing on being on the bus and getting to the destination, and by the time he was where he needed to be he was in the present and had no time to be nervous. I reckon that is a fantastic way to do things and since hearing that story, I have been doing the same. It works out for the better. Tried and tested!


I challenge you to help when you can

Be a shoulder to cry on, motivate people to do their best and work to their best potential. Help as best you can because people will see and appreciate it. And if said person doesn’t, then you’ve learned a lesson and will know for the next time (see, optimistic viewpoint!!) Grow by giving and achieve that sense of fulfillment that can change your life in more ways than you can think of.


Surround yourself with positivity, declutter the negativity from your life where possible and live life with an open mind and an open heart. I challenge you.



By Editor

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