Letter to The Editor: From A Disappointed Feminist


Dear Editor,


Let me begin this letter by saying that I am a feminist.


However, I believe that what sets me apart from some is that I am an activist, also.


I invite you to cast your mind back to the Tuesday of the University of Limerick’s Fresher’s Week.


Whilst most were out partying, drinking, and having a good old-fashioned time at events that UL themselves had organized, I was being assaulted by a group of drunk young men outside The Stable’s bar. I was cornered and made watch as these men exposed themselves to me, intimidated me, and threatened me. I am a small woman, who could have been easily overpowered by this group, but luckily, I got out.


However, many are not as lucky, and I have become acutely aware that I am just one of several women who have had experiences like this on campus. I also know that I am just one of several women who have reached out and received no recognition or support.


It hurts me to admit it, but I am hugely disappointed with UL’s feminist society and their silence in relation to this issue.


If you cannot support your fellow students on what is clearly a feminist issue, then what are you doing? My assault took place on Fresher’s Week, alongside what else? The organization and advertising of the consent classes that members of your committee had a hand in running. This is why your silence and blatant disregard for such a serious issue is saddening, and quite frankly repulsive. The fact that a feminist is not respected and supported by the feminist society is a joke. Feminism is for everyone, and this is an issue that affects everyone, ergo, it is an issue that you should have addressed in week one.


The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements gain more momentum every day, with thousands of people finding the courage to speak out about their experiences. Brave people are trying to speak to you, too. You just aren’t listening to them.



a disappointed Feminist