Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Mixtape Motivation for the Musically Challenged


Do you ever find yourself listening to the same songs, albums and playlists on repeat? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same hit songs on the radio? It’s very easy to find yourself stuck in a musical rut, waiting for that next favourite song to enter your life and keep you company on your way to college, only to get sick of it within a week and resort back to Spotify’s daily mix (again).

Just like the age-old struggle between good and evil, heart and mind, and “out” or take-out. The online music streaming community can, generally speaking, be divided into two types. Soundcloud users and Spotify users. Luckily for us, both services offer unique features which you can use to your advantage.

First up, Soundcloud. Soundcloud has THE largest catalogue of music available. There are more than 10 million creators who upload 12 hours of music and audio every. minute. It’s the ideal platform for emerging talent! Remind me again how it’s hard to find fresh music?

As you all know, our other leading music streaming service is Spotify. Some of Spotify´s best features include two weekly customised playlists. Every Friday, ‘Release Radar’ keeps you up to date with your favourite artists most recent releases. And every Monday, using unique algorithms, ‘Discover Weekly’ gifts you a mixtape of 30 songs created for your own personal “music taste profile”. Other features which keep Spotify one step ahead of the game include: a vast selection of podcasts, the option to stream the same music as your friends, collaborative playlists (great for sharing music with friends of similar music taste), a yearly music profile report, updates on your favourite artists upcoming gigs and so much more! The student-friendly premium rate of a fiver a month also provides you with the option to download all your personalised playlists to listen to offline.

Next up, music mukbangs! This is an internet trend which began in South Korea around 2009. Mukbangs come in all shapes and forms and literally mean “eating” and “broadcast”. Music mukbangs specifically, involve people recording themselves eating large amounts of food. Meanwhile they give music recommendations, talk about recent releases or artists from the underground music scene. If you’re into contemporary RnB, or even the occasional avant-garde hip hop single, the YouTube duo “The Lineup” are for you. Maya and Julia from Stockholm are guaranteed to find the best tracks, from both mainstream and lesser known artists.

One more YouTube channel that is not to be overlooked is COLORS! COLORS describe themselves as “a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from all around the globe” Their distinctive minimalistic graphics and intimate stripped-back versions of originals are incredibly pleasing to watch and listen to. With every new video they aim to promote new unique artists who have something original to contribute to today’s music scene.

For those who are too lazy busy to listen to some new tunes, ‘Triple J like A version’ has you covered. The Australian radio station invites artists to its studio to perform a cover of their choice live. The full list of covers is available on their website, Spotify and YouTube channel. I mean, it’s not every day you hear ASAP Rocky cover Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the dock of the bay”. And because I’m feeling generous, here´s a few of my personal faves to get you started.

Chet Faker – Sonia Dada’s “(Lover) You don’t treat me no good no more”

Tash sultana – MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

Glass animals – Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”

Vallis Alps – The Shins’ “New Slang”

Meg Mac – Tame Impala’s “Let it happen”

West Thebarton – Florence and the Machine´s “You’ve got the love”

If you have stayed with me so far, congratulations. You’re on your way to a musical awakening, rebirth, enlightenment, you get it. My final words of wisdom would be to not overlook the classics. Delve into the past. We literally have a century’s worth of music at our fingertips and just like art tends only to be truly appreciated post-death, the same can be said for those music artists who have gone belly up.

Believe me when I say it’s not as daunting of a task as it seems. Just start with a genre of music you love and work backwards! Be it exploring more of a particular artist, following the hits of the 60’s or simply picking up an older album you’ve never heard before. Lucky Lane and Chez le Fab have a small collection of records but the Milk Market sells an extensive range every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What´s more, they’re always happy to help you pick the right record for you. Either way, you’re bound to stumble across some golden oldies.

P.S. Guys, ´Shazam´ the hell out of every great tune you hear. Be it in a café, changing room or on the loo. No shame.




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