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Mixtape Motivation for the Musically Challenged

Do you ever find yourself listening to the same songs, albums and playlists on repeat? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same hit songs on the radio? It’s very easy to find yourself stuck in a musical rut, waiting for that next favourite song to enter your life and keep you company on your way to college, only to get …



Charity Week Diary through the Eyes and Ears of a First Year Student

The week officially began on Sunday, and the first day of Charity Week was a blur for me. Being from Laois where there are only buses every couple of hours (which are never on time), I managed to arrive in U.L. at 8:30pm. The County Colours event in the stables began at 9:30pm. Of course, I had left all of …


The OPC: A semester of new heights, shenanigans and your typical levels of craic!

The OPC considers itself its own toughest critic. The standard set by each committee year in year out far exceeds the expectations of even its members and this year has been no exception. With a record number of members for the semester, ground breaking trips and brand new events, both the present and the future look good for our daring …


Society in the Spotlight: UL Tea Appreciation Society

Do you love tea? Are you passionate about all types of tea, the intricacies of brewing, all possible combinations and permutations? Then tea appreciation society is for you! For aspiring tea masters and or those who just want to relax with a cuppa at the end of a hard day’s study, we invite you to come join and try something …


“In a way, we are kind of like a family” Out in UL Win Big at the GALAs

University of Limerick’s “Out in UL” society has won the award for Best LGBT Student Society at the GALAS which took place in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel on Friday, March 6. The GALAS were created in 2009 by GCN and The National Lesbian and Gay Federation (NLGF) to honour those who work towards a better future for LGBT people in Ireland. …


Animal Welfare Society Get Tails Wagging With Upcoming Fundraiser

Animal Welfare is on of UL’s newest societies and we aim to create a positive attitude towards animals and promote the proper care of all animals. This semester the society has aimed to tackle the equine crisis in Limerick. It is no surprise for anyone who attends University in the Limerick area that mistreatment of horses has sadly become a common …