New Science Society enters the Wolfpack

By Editor Sep 28, 2015

2. Science Soc


By Killian Stokes, Michael Daniel O’Donnell and Pauric Bannigan


Did you know that if you were to remove the empty space in the atoms which make up the human race, every human could fit inside an apple? Well whether you are the kind of person who is now trying to calculate if this is true, or the kind of person who is currently googling what an atom is, Science Soc is the society for you.


It was started as a social group last summer to bridge the gap between the groups in the MSSI – an unofficial society you could say – and was very well received. On account of its success and popularity among the postgrads we saw the opportunity to further develop this ethos and to unite the science-based undergraduate students.


Over the summer we held weekly social events, including everything from paint-balling and bowling to karting and quizzes, and everything in-between, catering for pretty much everything our members want to do to unwind and let off some steam.


Now that we are officially a society, sitting pretty at approximately 80 members, our aim is to keep the fun flowing with these types of social events and to also organise science themed events.


These will include but are not limited to: guest speakers, science ball, science quizzes and a lot of events running through science week. For students looking to fight the boredom of summer holidays and students here over the Christmas holidays, we are glad to say we are active all year round – mainly because postgraduates don’t get holidays.


We are very excited to be given this opportunity to run Science Society as it was something we felt UL was lacking. Many of our founding members did science undergrads here in UL and all agreed that it would have been great to have a society focused on the love of science.


So if you do see yourself as the next Walter White, Einstein, Newton or the next Hans Sloane (the Irish Doctor who invented chocolate milk), or even if you want something fun to do all year round, join Science Soc today. If not, enjoy your daily apple, wondering if you are in fact eating a shrunken civilization.


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By Editor

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