Petition Formed to Lower Repeat Exam Fees


By Anna Cullen

A petition has been formed by the Student Union (SU) to lower repeat exam fees.

At the moment, the fee stands at a whopping €171 PER EXAM.

Repeat exams are held each September, with all modules capped at a Grade C3. This excludes ‘I’ grades, which can attain a maximum grade. There is a fee payable on registration for repeating all modules (except ‘I’ grades).

A student needs to get a QCA of 4.00 for the full year (including two semesters).

The student handbook says that “If your QCA is greater or equal to 2.0 and includes D1 and/or D2 grades (compensating fail grades), you do not have to repeat the modules for which you got the D1 or D2 grades, i.e. you can proceed to the next stage of your programme. The reason for this is that to have achieved a QCA score of 2.0 or
greater with D1 and/or D2 grades included, you must have done well enough in other modules to compensate for the D1/D2 grades”.

If a student feels that they have been graded unfairly and want to get their paper re-checked, it will cost them €19. They must complete the relevant form from Student Services by the end of the 2nd week after results become available.

The SU had students walk around campus on Tuesday April 7 getting people to sign the petition. But, this is only the beginning. The petition is set to run for at least a week.

They are eager to get their message out there. Any students who want these fees lowered, are urged to sign this petition. As you all know; the more names the better influence it has.