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Presidential Candidate – Ciarán O’Donovan


Name: Ciarán O’Brien

From: Oranmore, Co. Galway

Why did you decide to run?

I decided to run because I felt that the Students Union could do a lot more for its members, and I think I have the ability to make the changes which are needed to make the union better for everyone.

Have you always been involved with the SU?

Not always. I’ve been a representative on the Student Council for a number of semesters. I have some experience volunteering in a conservation society but no activity in an established political party.

What are some things you think the SU have done successfully?

I think that the SU has been successful with issues of gender and equality, but weak on issues such as the environment and student participation.


Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?

I believe I am the best candidate for the job because I have a huge amount of past experience in relation to representing the student body and I can use that experience for the betterment of the Union.

Why did you choose this position?

I chose to run for the office of president because I felt that my previous experiences on council and the constitutional committee would be best put to use in that position.

What skills/qualities can you bring to the role?

I feel that I have crucial skills and qualities for the office of president and I have a strong work ethic. I also have strong experience in representation and policy-making environments.

Favourite tv show: Robot Wars

Type of friend: I’ve been told in the past I was the caring friend.

SU Animal instead of wolfie: Eagle