SL President Urges Students To Use Their Voice After Low UGM Turnout

By Nicole Glennon Nov 12, 2018

Twenty-one students attended the UL Student Life (ULSL) General Meeting last week meaning scheduled motions could not be passed.


A minimum of 100 students are needed to attend the Union General Meeting in order to pass a proposal.


President Ciara-Jo Hanlon said she believed the time and location had a lot to do with the low attendance but that “does not excuse the poor showing by students.”


While the SL President said she was “disheartened” by the low turnout, she also admitted she was once the student who never engaged with what was then called the Students’ Union.


“I was the student who was unaware that these UGMs were taking place and I was completely unaware of their value.”

“I honestly believe that students don’t realize the changes that they COULD make if only they used their voice.”


President Hanlon said she thinks students may be sceptical or wary or ‘rocking the boat,’ but students don’t realize their feedback to both UL Student Life and the university itself is “invaluable” and that  “can shape their education.”

If students want to make “necessary changes” they must “engage with both the democratic processes of Student Life and the university and not just slog through their degrees” she continued.

“I think going forward one of my main personal aims will be to make students realize the value of speaking up. Every class should have a class rep! Every student should know and engage with their academic advisor and every student should know what Student Life is and does.”



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