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By Editor Sep 11, 2015

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By Seamus Toomey


SoUL Arts Fest is something still relatively new to UL, so first year or veteran postgrad you probably still don’t know a whole lot about it.


First off it’s called SoUL Arts Fest now because week sounded…well, weak. So we’ve got a big new banner with loads of societies featured on it but no clubs and that’s because this is the one week in the year where we put a spotlight on societies, the often underappreciated (somehow) middle child of two.


And what exactly does putting a spotlight on societies mean – are we going to make them sing and dance for us? Well, yes some of them, presumably Music and Dance, but there’ll be lots of other events to behold as well seeing as we’re equipped with the talents of 31 societies.


Michelle Whyte (C&S Coordinator) and one of the brain boxes behind SoUL week is expecting this year to be the biggest yet.


It’s a relatively new event to be added to the UL calendar but after only two years it’s growing fast.


“I expect the week to have gained traction and popularity off the back of the success of the past two years,” Ms Whyte said.


Expect to see two big names gracing the stage for the concert that lands on the Thursday night of week seven.


The main stage event is the most memorable night of the week and this year maybe even the entire semester, with two acts there will surely be something for everyone.


So get your tickets early before they sell out, this is an event on par with that of freshers week or RAG week music acts.


The international society will be busy hosting not only their International food fair, but also their weekly TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) event in Stables on, well Friday.


The food fair has been a wonderful event for attendees in the past few years showcasing the culinary skills of our students as well as the variety of foods eaten around the world.


TGIF is always a fun week and a personal favourite of mine, it’s often referred to as international night because most people who go are internationals who haven’t/ can’t go home for the weekend.


Regardless, this will be this night but amped up in every sense – expect the international society to splash out to hold something bigger than their usual TGIF events.


The Tea Appreciation society will be hosting a historical tea party (with the History Society) where attendees dress up as their favourite historical figure and enjoy conversations over tea, in character of course.


They’ll also be bringing in a Japanese Tea Master for a Japanese Tea ceremony, imagine a good cuppa, but better.


Ógra Fianna Fáil and Young Fine Gael will be hosting a political debate sure to set emotions flaring and tempers soaring.


Who knows, maybe you’ll be watching the future Taoiseach screaming and cursing his head off.



By Editor

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