Spring Into Self-Love

By Ciara Mannion Jan 24, 2019

When you think about it, everyone wants to be a deadly mate, get on with the fam and generally be considered as a good student.

So why do we put self-love on the back burner?



Well, if anything Ariana Grande has taught us this spring season, it’s that you owe yourself the love you also give to others.


Juggling nights out, study and parents ain’t easy,

But don’t make their problems yours.



Your peeps know you and understand you so don’t be afraid, to be honest with how some things will always be out of your hands.

If your mates are dating an absolute dragon, don’t pressure them to dump them. You just gotta let life happen.



Nobody wants to be seen as a bit of weirdo or worse, a show-off.

But you can’t make everyone love you, so don’t waste your energy trying.

It doesn’t matter how many supportive text messages you put in the course chat or cups of tea you make for your older sibling.



Write down your good points by remembering all those compliments you sarcastically brushed off.

Ask yourself if there is anything you can do to improve your self-respect.

Once you treat yourself and others with respect, it’s hard not to be amazing.









Thanks to the good ol’ internet, it’s never been easier to compare yourself to the latest gym junkie, Instagram babe or a tech guru.

And let’s face it –  you don’t have to be the smartest, fittest or prettiest to be successful.





Don’t dwell too much on the cards you think you have been dealt with, instead take action.

Ok, so the only six-pack you own is the one in your fridge, and your grades are average. But maybe you have amazing eyes, a great taste in music or an expert at overcoming 9 am lectures. Focusing on the positives and laughing at the negatives is key.


Lingering over an old flame is like a guilty pleasure. But there’s only so many times your neighbours can tolerate you belting out Adele at 3 am.

There’s no future in the past so confide in your mates that you need to move on.

Who knows, your next bae could be in Stables right as you read this.

You never know unless you give yourself a try.




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