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By Editor Oct 8, 2015

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By Clodagh Doyle


The Trampoline Club are proud to have welcomed over 100 new members into our club this semester. Training has been a blast with all of you newbies. We’ve been more than impressed with everyones hard work and enthusiasm these last few weeks.  Keep it up you guys!


We have 5 stations this year. Two trampolines, DMT, a tough core session, and some gymnastics thrown in on top. This year training times are; Tuesday 7-9:30 and Thursday 7-8:15. Don’t be afraid to bounce along!


Our first social night of the year will be held on Wednesday (Week 5). The tramps bounced over to Jumplanes for some serious bouncing and made some awesome memories along the way!


This year, UL Trampoline Club will be hosting the Munster Open 2015! It will be held on Saturday, 17th September in the PESS building. Students from UCC and UCD will be travelling to Limerick to compete alongside us.


UL have been victorious in winning the Munster Open Cup for two years in a row now. All of our members have been training hard for the up and coming competition (And our team this year is mighty). Winning the cup for the third year in a row would be the icing on the cake for the club. So, fingers crossed and wish us luck!


Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for weekly updates (UL Trampoline and Gymnastics Club).



By Editor

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