Cian O Broin

Cian O Broin 2018-12-06

Elephant in the room: We all know it’s there. Hovering over us ominously, skulking around in the back of our minds. We step outside our doors in week one and breathe in the cool, refreshing air of a new semester. Liberating. As soon as we exhale, it’s Friday of Week Twelve. Time to address the […]

Cian O Broin 2018-11-12

The Regional Writing Centre (RWC) have announced ‘This Hostel Life’ by Melatu Uche Otorie as this year’s choice for the One Campus One Book initiative. Next Wednesday (21st), Melatu Uche Okorie will read a short passage from ‘This Hostel Life’ and partake in a symposium with the audience in attendance at UL. In semester two, […]

Cian O Broin 2018-09-28

New members of An Garda Siochana are undertaking a BA in Applied Policing, accredited by the University of Limerick (UL). A total of 185 gardai who were sworn into the force at a special ceremony at the Garda Training College, Templemore this month will take part in the programme, which embeds human rights and ethical […]

Cian O Broin 2018-09-16

At some point, we all have to leave the comfort of our homes, the safety of our nests. It’s not easy, moving on from Mammy’s infamous roast or catching up on Match of the Day at Dad’s side. There’s something special about the sanctity of the Irish household, a notable feeling of warmth and comfort. […]