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Editor 2017-01-20

By Kathleen O’Sullivan Here are my top picks of fashion facts: 1) Original corsets worn by women in the 18th century were sometimes made from whalebone. Doesn’t sound ideal in terms of comfort. Eventually over time the corset became the undergarment we now call underwear. Interested in finding out more? This information is part of […]

Editor 2017-01-17

By Nicole Glennon TED Talks. Was there ever a form of procrastination so beneficial? Many an hour (or two…) has slipped by me in the last few years as I slouched on the couch curiously clicking on what YouTube recommended, only to realise hours later I have work due for the next day. However, it […]

Editor 2016-11-20

By Kathleen O’Sullivan We all like new and we all like current things but being students that are on the border of destitution there’s little hope in achieving this all of the time. It’s a choice between basic necessities and that dress. Sigh. The alternative is putting the thinking cap of your eight-year-old self on […]

Editor 2016-11-20

By Nicole Glennon 1) Signing up for all the societies (and paying for them all) If you’re like me you ended up blowing your allowance for week two on Clubs and Soc’s only to find out four of them all meet at 6pm on a Wednesday. First mistake; actually paying for all these on Recruitment […]

Editor 2016-10-19

By Evie Kearney   1. Stables No one has any idea what goes in to Stables cajun mayo but rumour has it the ingredients list includes sunshine and happiness. via GIPHY 2. Subway Who doesn’t love an old reliable? At €4 for a sub and drink, all you have to worry about is the lunch […]

Editor 2016-10-13

By Evie Kearney 1. Tell yourself it can’t be that difficult All those other countries in Europe seem to know their own language and also be fluent in English…so how hard can it be via GIPHY   2. Realise it is that difficult Grammar? Word order? What do you mean Google Translate isn’t a reliable […]

Editor 2016-10-13

By Evie Kearney 1. The Lad Exclusively wears skinny tracksuits and a county minor jersey (or a business class half zip when it’s cold). Often seen travelling in packs and talking about hot chicken rolls. via GIPHY 2. The Well-Travelled One The person making a return to college after Erasmus. Constantly talking about how much […]

Editor 2016-10-06

By Caryl Yulo So it’s recently been noted by health experts that the 5-a-day is no longer cutting it. The edited version is still being debated over but the general consensus is that two to three fruits a day with four to five vegetables will do you better. Now, as college students, it seems almost […]

Editor 2016-09-30

This is to give you guys an idea of what I truly believe to be a first year’s guide to college attire. As I’m sure, just like I, your transition from scratchy school uniform to complete clothing freedom has not only been tricky but confusing. Well sit back, relax, and get your check list ready. […]