The Only Way Is Cup: Why reusable cups are the way forward

Have you, like me, ever been guilty of ordering a to-go coffee in a rush while your thoughts cut to your filthy reusable cup sitting beside the sink in your kitchen covered in the dregs of yesterday’s flat-white? In a perfect world, we would all have our reusable cup with us when we needed it. It would always be pristine …


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UL Consent Workshops Shine Light On Grey Areas

Consent Workshops will be given during week three of tutorials across the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Department. UL Student Union Welfare Officer, Serena Hare, aims to continue the initiative from last year where an estimated 1,000 students attended a consent workshop. Serena said UL are “way ahead of the game” in terms of rolling out the consent initiative university-wide. …


Reflecting On The Different Female Friendships In My Life On International Women’s Day

By: Jessica Doyle On International Women’s Day, I reflect on the joys and complexities of the female friendships in my life. It’s impossible to talk about a highly personal topic like female friendship without drowning in a dense swamp of cliché – but I’ll do my best. Childhood Friends I have a couple of friendships from school that have lasted …


Limerick City Gallery Of Art Poster Exhibit – A High-Brow Day Out

By Jessica Doyle Graphics, text, and colour. Posters are pieces of art from the every day – and they’ve got a job to do. Not only do they disseminate information – but they can also amuse, attract and challenge us – a function more readily associated with highbrow arts. A rich and varied collection of posters from all across Europe …