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Why an actor’s politics are irrelevant to playing a historical figure

Few celebrities have maintained an aura of likeability better or longer than Gillian Anderson. Seeing Anderson pop up in something – be it Hannibal, American Gods or more recently, Sex Education – is an assurance that you’re going to see something worthy of your time, if only because Anderson has made it clear over the years that she’s only going …


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TikTok: It’s Like Vine, But Different

By: Meghan McEniry Brosnan Ever since Vine shut down in 2016, the internet has cried, begged and tweeted for a replacement to their beloved app, but nothing has come close. However, with the rise of TikTok, has the day finally arrived? What exactly is TikTok? TikTok is a video-sharing app with more than 500 million users worldwide that lets you …


Ten book-to-movie adaptations that got it right

By: Meghan McEniry Brosnan It’s always a blessing and a curse to see a great book on the big screen. Some remain faithful to the writer’s original ideas while some take the source material into previously unexplored territory, for better or for worse. While most film adaptations can never compare to their paperback predecessors, a small handful of films have …


Is Riverdale Really The New Twin Peaks?

By: Meghan McEniry Brosnan   THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS FOR BOTH TWIN PEAKS AND RIVERDALE.   In the Twin Peaks finale, The Man from Another Place in his backward tongue tells Special Agent Dale Cooper, “When you see me again, it won’t be me.” The mysterious statement encompasses so much of the horror present in David Lynch and …


Bel Canto: Book Review

Inspired by the hostage taking situation at the Japanese embassy in Peru in 1996, Ann Patchett decided that it was missing one thing – an opera singer. In this captivating rendition of life or death, she corrects the deficit but in doing so creates a fantastical and defiantly romantic read. But it’s not as light-hearted as you may think. American …


The Woman In The Window By A.J. Finn – Book Review

By: Meghan Mceniry Brosnan Following the recent scrutiny of author Dan Mallory (Pen-name A.J. Finn) and the upcoming film starring Amy Adams, The Woman In The Window seems ripe for a review. It was, after all, the biggest selling fiction title of 2018. Anna Fox, an agoraphobic woman, lives alone in New York City, trapped in her home with bottles …