BroCon 2016


By John Brogan


BroCon, an annual gaming and anime convention held in the University of Limerick, is set to return for a triumphant seventh year this summer. A joint venture between UL Games Society and UL Anime & Manga Society, the event has become an experience not to be missed for people of all ages, with numbers and popularity increasing each year. But the convention is about more than just fun and games. Over the past few years of the event, BroCon has managed to raise over €10,000 for Pieta House Suicide Prevention, and continue to show support to such a worthy cause. “The work done and money raised on behalf of Pieta House by BroCon has helped us to continue to provide our life-saving service to people up and down the country struggling in the shadows,” says Johnny Togher of Pieta House. “Pieta House opened its doors 10 years ago this year and from the very start we have relied on the support of those committed to helping us help others not so fortunate. Our partnership with BroCon is a good example of this support in action.”


When it comes down to the fun stuff, video games, card games, board games, cosplay and anime screenings are just some of the events to be found at the convention. Whether it’s tournaments you are looking for, or something more casual, if you are into gaming or anime, BroCon will have what you are looking for. And that’s not all. The convention boasts one of the largest trading halls in the country, featuring vendors from all over selling merchandise from all your favourites, films, movies and games.


The event also plays host to many special guests ranging from famous voice actors to games developers, and everything in between. For this year’s event, voice actor and screen writer Sonny Strait will lead the cadre of guests that also includes publisher Chris Pramas and cosplayer Pixi Styxx. This is supplemented by the inclusion of games developers Howling Hamsters and Peripheral Labs, for what is set to be both a fun and interesting weekend.


BroCon 2016 takes place in the PESS Building, University of Limerick, July 8-10th.