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Ukraine Crisis: Tensions Rise as Putin Recognises Pro-Russian Separatists’ Independence

Tensions in Ukrainian-Russian relations came to a head on Monday as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to recognise the independence of two pro-Russian separatist groups on Ukraine’s eastern border. The announcement came during an hour-long televised address in which President Putin described Ukraine as a “colony of puppets” who are “preparing military action against our country”. The Russian premier …


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Has the Pandemic Changed the Arts Scene Forever?

It has been a long and exhausting year and a half. On a personal level, even if you’ve had the luck not to lose anyone to the virus, or contract it yourself, spending so long under a Groundhog Day of isolation would drive anyone’s mental health into the mud. Even on a grander more sociological scale, we’ve been faced with …


Does the Media Romanticise Toxic Relationships?

For years now we have been dependent on the media for entertainment and information as we are constantly bombarded with media and news from around the globe. It is through what we watch that we form an opinion, and it is no surprise we do so with our relationships as well. Childhood friends turned to lovers, possessive and dominating partners …


Crystals- A Passing Trend or The Dawn of a New Religion? 

Birth times, chakras, incense and healing crystals all have entered mainstream vocabulary in the past year, but what exactly has been leading this spirituality craze?  Downloads of horoscope apps such as Sanctuary and Time Passages have rocketed, many can now attempt a makeshift tarot card reading and even singer Lorde has returned to parody the craze in her latest single, …


How Do Bayern Play Under Hansi Flick?

Hansi Flick’s time at Bayern Munich is set to come to an end when the season finishes. The German manager announced his wish to leave the club after their 3-2 win away to Wolfsburg on Saturday. He will end his time at Germany’s most successful club with a Champions League trophy, a DFB-Pokal, a Club World Cup, a DFL-Supercup and …