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Democracy Is Dead. What’s Next?

Democracy is an inherently flawed concept, the main use of governance for the past 2 millennia has resulted in creating the thought process that has allowed for the commodification, dehumanisation and rapid destruction of the planet.  When Marx saw the class hierarchy back in the 16th century it only pales in comparison to the world we live in today.  The …



Sexual Harassment in Ireland: My Story

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Rape, Sexual Assault, Harassment. As I scrolled through Twitter today, I couldn’t help but feel extremely overwhelmed and emotional at the tweets filling my screen. Women speaking about their assault, their rape, their experience with harassment, the many situations where a man has made them feel deeply uncomfortable. The Sarah Everard case has awoken something in me …


Opinion: College Court Drama Exposes Deeper Problems For Third Level Students

College Court was brought to national attention last night. Equipped with fireworks, a butchered rendition of Come On Eileen and shameless public stories, Irish Twitter descended into chaos.  For most UL students, social media was where we watched the antics unfold. Most of us haven’t set foot on campus since March and have spent the last year grappling with online …


Stripping Of Gaelic Games’ Elite Status Is ‘Disappointing And Damaging’

At the start of February, GAA fans had their worst nightmares confirmed with the announcement from the Government that the GAA was not an elite sport anymore. This means that GAA cannot take place under current restrictions. The news was greeted with dismay and anger from players, managers and fans up and down the country after the GAA lit up …


Stadia in Italia: Why Italian Stadiums Need To Improve

The Italian government has announced the allowance of a select number of fans to return for the cup final between Atalanta vs Juventus with the intent for the Euro 2020 finals.   However, as fans will eventually return to the stadia the lurking problems of Italian clubs’ infrastructure remain and have been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Older generations who remember …