Three Girls 300 Miles Outside Their Comfort Zone

By Jody Coffey Oct 26, 2021

Unfortunately, we have all been affected by cancer in our lifetime in some way. Whether it be personally, or someone we know or love. Cancer has taken so much from us, but it shouldn’t have to take dignity or pride from its victims when they are fighting back by undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Three young Irish women living in Sydney – Erin Flanagan (27), Aislinn Dowling (26) and Brónagh Shiel (27) – have teamed up to raise awareness and money for a Kerry charity ‘Comfort for Chemo Kerry’. They will each walk 100 miles over the month of October to help raise funds for a purpose built, standalone facility in Tralee, Co. Kerry where patients can undergo their chemotherapy treatments in a safe, private and comfortable environment.

When Erin’s mother, Lorraine Flanagan, was diagnosed with cancer this year she experienced first-hand the devastating impact this disease can have. Struggling with the fact she was living on the opposite side of the world during Sydney’s lockdown, she had no choice but to support her mother through this difficult time completely online. She speaks about why she felt compelled to help raise awareness for this charity.

She said, “If you put yourself in the patient’s shoes and imagine how daunting it is going into a clinical hospital to undergo chemotherapy. I know myself that even walking through the doors to a hospital can fill me with anxiety. Imagine how much of a difference a new building with ample privacy and comfort would make.”

She praised the staff at Kerry University Hospital for taking such good care of her mother while she endured chemotherapy these past few months, but if this facility had been available to her, she believes the process would have been less intimidating.

A GoFundMe has been set up by these three inspiring young women and has a goal of 5,000 to reach. Every donation helps – no matter how small.

Erin added, “Even the price of a coffee – or a cocktail, whatever you’re into. Just know that you will be raising money to help people who are going through, probably, the most challenging time of the lives.”

Comfort for Chemo Kerry’s mission is to raise five million to build an equip state of the art Chemotherapy Unit for the people of Kerry. They are always accepting donations on their website and they provide all the information about how you can get involved in your own way – by setting up your own fundraiser or signing up to be a donor.



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