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Come Celebrate UL’s First 4th Year Arts Ball

Two years of rules, regulations, and restrictions have come to an end, and as we return to a new normal, it not only brings back our cherished and missed annual events but also introduces some first-of-its-kind events that mark the end of an exhausting era. Five 4th year arts students at the University of Limerick (UL) have formed a committee …


Three Girls 300 Miles Outside Their Comfort Zone

Unfortunately, we have all been affected by cancer in our lifetime in some way. Whether it be personally, or someone we know or love. Cancer has taken so much from us, but it shouldn’t have to take dignity or pride from its victims when they are fighting back by undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Three young Irish women living in Sydney – …


‘Gripping and Grisly’- Behind the Chaotic Charm of Squid Game

Since ‘Squid Game’ catapulted onto our Netflix accounts in September, it has become an online sensation, with meme worthy content and already a huge demand for a second season.  Now Netflix’s most watched show, Squid Game has blown the minds of its viewers with its violent and graphic concept. Its intense plot is centred around the events of impoverished people …