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Students & Fast Fashion: Is there a way to shop sustainably on a student budget?

Everyone knows what the phrase ‘fast fashion’ means, and the consequences it has in today’s society. We are told to avoid the likes of Shein and Penneys as they’re unethical and bad for the environment. However, as students, there is one reason to always fall back on these brands – they are cheap, simple as. It seems people are often …


The Millennial Obsession: Fast Fashion, Thrifting and Environmentalism

by Ciara Mannion “OMG! I just bought this top from Pennies for only €2. I just couldn’t pass it up. I only saw it on sale recently. I am in love!!  #blessed # bargain #thankshunpennies” It is clear that millennial’s general obsession with fast fashion has risen to extraordinary measures in the last decade, to such an extent that it …


Petite Fashion

By Elaine Holmes One thing that has always bothered me, and presumably many other women who like to shop and browse online, is the models which are used. They are always tall and thin with seemingly ‘perfect’ figures. These type of clothes are simply not designed for smaller, more petite women who don’t have ‘legs that go on forever’. I …