5 Reasons to buy Vintage


by Ciara Mannion

Whether it’s an 80’s bomber jacket or cute mom jeans, buying vintage clothes is something everyone has dreamed of doing at some point. However, vintage fashion isn’t just for festival photos. There are a variety of reasons to go to a vintage shop to pick up some pieces, and I’m about to tell you the best ones.


For the memories

Buy something that’s a blast from the past this season with stylish decades available in every vintage store. Remember when One Direction went on tour? How about when the Hannah Montana movie was released? Seeing old shirts that you would’ve gone crazy for isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s a great way to reminisce on the past. You can also embrace the glitz and glam of the 50s with a fully sequined ensemble or how about swapping your dark denim for 80s stonewash, either way, there’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to get inspired by.


For the quirkinesses

Vintage doesn’t mean you can’t break all the fashion rules. It’s a style in which you can dare to wear colours that can mix edgy cool with pretty pastel and get away with it. After all, what’s not to love about colourful tie-dye tracksuits or red leopard print dresses? You can be bold and beautiful with some eye-catching garments that are anything but boring. Whether it’s a one-off piece or not, don’t be afraid to purchase some quirky items for a fashion-forward look. The quirkier the better me thinks!


For the thrill

When it comes to vintage, it’s all about the thrill of finding the extraordinary treasures hidden within without having to worry about looking crazy. Browsing is by no means boring from shades that suit your skin tone to gold embellishments, the secret to bargain perfection is when you finally find an item you just have to buy. Get ready to feel as excited as Christmas morning, a good find is your happy place when it comes to combining style and satisfaction into an outfit.


For the earth

Let’s face it, vintage fashion has tons of environmental benefits. Not only does buying vintage help lessen your carbon footprint but it also gives clothes a second chance to be loved. Just by doubling the life of useful clothing from one to two years reduces emissions yearly by 24%. There’s nothing like fewer emissions to nurture your soul as well as the earth. Prepare to go green with some fierce vintage items for an ideal sustainable investment.


For the variety

Save yourself a trip to the shopping centre by looking out for the variety of vintage stores dotted around the country. Whether it’s nine crows or a vintage factory, you can make it easier to find what you’re looking for by shopping at your local store. Not just up for the visit, don’t worry. There are also lots of vintage shops online and handy apps such as depop to help you pump up the glam.


Think buying vintage is difficult? Think again with these easy peasy reasons to shop vintage.