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By Editor Nov 23, 2015

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By Clodagh Doyle


The Trampoline Club have been bouncing with excitement over the past few weeks. Our schedules have been hectic between the UV paint party, Munsters, our Swap Night and more.


Our UV paint party, as you all know was held earlier on in the semester. The night couldn’t have gone any better. With glowing paint everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) you were guaranteed to have an unreal time. Thanks to all you paint fanatics who came.


Big congrats are in order for the Trampoline club following their first competition of the year, the Munster Open 2015. On the day, students from UCC and UCD arrived to compete alongside UL. An amazing day was had by all. Whilst the competitors showed us their finest skills, the UL Photo Soc helped out and captured our best bits. We also had Wolfie make an appearance to get everyone pumped and ready for the day ahead.


Following the madness of the competition, us students did as students do and headed to Stables for a few pints and some good old grub. The medal presentation took place outside in the stables courtyard. A huge well done to the UL students who basically stole the show. We couldn’t be prouder of them.


Becky Dorgan – Silver Novice Ladies (Open and closed competition)

Cliondha Regan – Bronze Novice Ladies (Open and closed competition)

Brendan Golden – Silver Novice Mens (Open and closed competition)

Killian O’Herlihy – Bronze Novice Men (Open and closed competition)

Stephen O’Connor – Silver Intermediate Men (Open competition)

Jacob Cairns – Bronze Intermediate Men (Open competition)

Ryan Carton – Bronze Intermediate Men (Closed competition)

Jorin Stinar –Gold Intermediate Ladies (Open and closed competition)

Sammi Chang – Bronze Intermediate Ladies (Closed competition)

Rachel Calahane – Silver Advanced Ladies (Open and closed competition)

Brian Finnerty – Bronze Elite Men (Open and closed competition)


The Munster Open was the perfect experience for our club. All the newbies got a taste of what competitions are really like. (And hopefully it got all our jittery nerves out of the way!)

We’re currently preparing our new routines and awesome skills for our next competition, which is Intervarsity’s 2015. We’ll be heading to Trinity College Dublin in a couple of weeks time to show off the talent of all our amazing members. Were excited already.


We thought it was about time to see if the tramps sink or swim.. So an exciting training session went down last week. The tramps and kayakers of UL joined forces for our long awaited swap night. The kayakers jumped into the deep end and experienced our tramp ways, learning everything from trampoline to gymnastics. Then the trampoline members dabbled the dark arts of kayaking. Luckily we all survived the night.


Last weekend, the UL trampoline club joined forces with UCC to travel down to Douglas, Cork. What’s is in Douglas you ask? Only the coolest, most awesomely equipped gymnasium we’ve seen! We got to fool around like proper gymnasts on the beam, asymmetric bars, pommel horse, the rings, tumble track, horizontal bars, in-ground trampolines and foam pits! After the fun and excitement of the day, we unwinded with an awesome night out in the Old Oak with the UCC folk. It was not your average weekend to say the least, but it was awesome.


We’re coming to the end of semester one (sob sob). So be sure to like our Facebook page ‘UL Trampoline and Gymnastics Club’ to keep up-to-date over the Holidays. You can watch us on snapchat ‘ultrampclub’ for live videos and pictures. We’ve recently joined Instagram as UL Trampoline Club and we would love to see you follow and support our club!



By Editor

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