Valentine’s Day Expectations VS Reality


By Caitlín Griffin

If you’re lucky enough not to be alone this Valentine’s, you will quickly realise that Valentine’s Day is NOT like how it is in the movies. If it’s your first Valentine’s not being alone this year, well I hate to burst your bubble but your boyfriend/girlfriend probably won’t pull a Carter Jenkins (Valentine’s Day, 2010) and serenade you in the nip and if they do hopefully your mam won’t walk in.


Expectation: Getting a teddy bear that is, for no reason, insanely big.

Reality: Getting a last minute present in Easons and having to act like you love it, even though there is the unspoken word that you both got each other last minute gifts.

Rose Petals

Expectation: You are thrilled to find your dorm room scattered in beautifully scented rose petals and potpourri.

Reality: You’re really pissed off that you have to hoover that crap up so you get annoyed at bae.

Do They Care?

Expectation: You low-key think your boyfriend is so excited for Valentines.

Reality: They didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day.


Expectation: You hope that when you ask your bae if they have something special planned for the evening that they’ll sweep you off of your feet (and you also forgot to plan something).

Reality: When you ask if they made plans you do not get a coy “maybe” but rather you see the look of panic spread across their face.