Where Has Time Gone?


By Paul Daly

I can’t believe I’m approaching my final two weeks of Erasmus in Manchester because it genuinely feels like it was only yesterday that I moved here.

My time here has been incredible due to the fact that I’ve loved the location of my university, the facilities it has to offer and of course the great friends that I’ve met along the way.

I remember this time last year I thought I would never cope going abroad on Erasmus and I even contemplated trying to get out of it but thankfully I didn’t.

Since coming back from Easter break it has been very busy because a lot of our coursework is due. So therefore the social life has taken a back seat…unfortunately!

However, having said that, last week a group of friends and I were audience members for Paddy McGuinness’s new TV show ‘Benchmark’ that will air on Channel 4.

It was a pretty interesting experience – mainly because I’m interested in TV so being in a studio environment is always pretty cool and exciting to me.

Before the show started filming a comedian entertained us. His aim was to get the crowd hyped for the show.

He was pretty hilarious and of course my friends and I were the target of most (all) of his jokes due to the fact we were university students so it was a lot of banter.

Then the show started and it was Paddy’s time to shine. He is the exact same as you would imagine. “No likey, no lighty!” His Bolton accent is very much real! Shock!

That’s as exciting as things have been recently and I blame the three essays that are lingering over me.

Why are all my assignments due on the very last week of the semester? And why do I leave them all to the last week?

Anyways, I hope you have all enjoyed my columns over the past number of weeks with An Focal and if you haven’t then my bad!

Good luck to everyone with summer exams and assignments!

Until next time,