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Nicole Glennon 2018-11-07

It was in a “spirit of welcome” that the University of Limerick sought recognition as a University of Sanctuary. That’s according to the UL website, which also states the university “will become a key driver in raising awareness of particular issues impacting on the lives of refugees and asylum seekers as well as promoting a […]

Editor 2018-03-08

Wyvern Lingo – I Love You, Sadie     Pillow Queens – Favourite     Maria Kelly – Stitches     LAOISE – Rich     Imelda May – Black Tears   Saint Sister – Causing Trouble     Ailbhe Reddy – Fingertips   Emma Langford – Closed Book   Bonzai – I Feel Alright […]

Editor 2017-04-24

By Nicole Glennon When Louise O’Neill walks into the room she smiles brightly and extends her hand for a handshake. She laughs when I tell her I’m eager to get started and jokes that she can only be a “massive disappointment.” O’Neill is back at the University of Limerick for the second time this semester […]

Editor 2017-04-20

By Nicole Glennon Though there is no data available specific to Ireland, statistics from the UK reveal there has been a 350% increase in veganism in the last decade. Almost half of these vegans are aged 15 – 34 according to the poll which surveyed almost 10,000 people, carried out by Ipsos MORI for the […]

Editor 2017-01-22

By Nicole Glennon Sweeping a whopping seven Golden Globes and tipped for Oscar success, anyone who takes a trip to the cinema in the next few weeks will have high expectations for La La Land. The musical/movie which is set in the “City of Stars” Los Angeles, follows Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and […]

Editor 2017-01-17

By Nicole Glennon TED Talks. Was there ever a form of procrastination so beneficial? Many an hour (or two…) has slipped by me in the last few years as I slouched on the couch curiously clicking on what YouTube recommended, only to realise hours later I have work due for the next day. However, it […]

Editor 2016-11-20

By Nicole Glennon 1) Signing up for all the societies (and paying for them all) If you’re like me you ended up blowing your allowance for week two on Clubs and Soc’s only to find out four of them all meet at 6pm on a Wednesday. First mistake; actually paying for all these on Recruitment […]

Editor 2016-10-26

By Nicole Glennon A recent study undertaken by University of Limerick Professor Phil Jakeman and colleagues has revealed that eating an even amount of protein at each meal may be more beneficial than consuming most of our protein at dinner time. The study, which was funded by Food for Health Ireland, sought to investigate the […]

Editor 2016-10-18

By Nicole Glennon The University of Limerick Student Union are asking students to attend a demonstration to ask for an increase in government funding of third-level education in Dublin this Wednesday the 19th of October. A bus will leave the Library Drop-off area for Dublin at 8am and return to UL in the afternoon. You […]

Editor 2016-10-12

By Nicole Glennon Limerick Mental Health week will run from Sunday, October 9th to October 16th this week, an initiative which aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and provide information about the supports available around Limerick. Although there is no replacement for speaking with a trained professional or drawing support from a trusted […]