Nicole Glennon 2018-11-28

  UL students staged a boycott against Aramark restaurants and cafes on-campus this Wednesday in response to their operations in the direct provision system. Aramark Corporation, which supplies catering services to three Direct Provision centres, including centres UL students reside in, also runs seven restaurants and cafes in UL including cafes in the main building, […]

Gary Feeney 2018-11-26

TheSpice Girls are selling out arenas, Boyzone appearing on the Late Late show, there’s as many cranes as taxis in the capital and Mick McCarthy is the new Republic of Ireland manager.   You’d be forgiven for thinking you woke up in the 90s this morning, but I assure you it is still 2018.   […]

Nicole Glennon 2018-11-26

UL, in conjunction with An Garda Siochana & UL Student Life, LITSU and LSADSU have launched a campus safety information campaign. The “Campus Watch Booklet” is part of ongoing collaborations to raise awareness and provide information on campus safety to students. The booklet, published in English, Irish, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish, is aimed at encouraging […]

Rachel Butler 2018-11-26

The actions of a barrister in the recent “Cork rape trial” has caused uproar across the country.   A seventeen-year-old girl was in court, facing her attacker when a defence lawyer referred to the underwear she was wearing on the night of her rape.   “Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-11-26

The world is a terrible place right now. Runaway climate change is threatening the existence of our planet, the political divide between left and right has never been as pronounced in decades, and the studio behind Despicable Me made a Grinch film. Before you reach for Google, could you, the person reading this, name one […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-11-21

It’s official: Irish football is in crisis.   It’s Groundhog Day again, another bad result against a team we should be comfortably beating on paper has seen Martin O’Neill and his assistant Roy Keane walk from the job. Five years of aggressively mediocre football have finally come to an end. Let’s take a look at […]

Ivan Smyth 2018-11-21

Sleep You should aim to get 8-9 hours’ sleep a night in order to be able to perform your best. The worst thing a student can do is to pull an all-nighter the day before the exam. A good night’s sleep will allow you to perform on the day and you will feel sharper physically […]

Nicole Glennon 2018-11-20

There will be no “Christmas Days” event in The Stables Club or The Scholars Club this year.   The campus bars made the announcement in Facebook posts yesterday due to concerns over students’ safety.   The annual “Christmas Days” event traditionally runs over two days every November, where Stables serve a traditional Christmas dinner.   […]