Kyle Lehane 2018-03-10

So, if you’ve been paying any attention to the news recently or maybe you’ve seen something on your Facebook feed, you know that Ireland is about to have a very divisive referendum on abortion. If you’re left scratching your head and haven’t a clue what the hell a referendum is or how do you vote […]

Una Walsh 2018-03-10

I decided to write this instead of doing college work, even though I’m in Final Year and I really should be doing work instead of procrastinating, but oh well. As each day passes, I can’t help thinking about how little time I have left in UL. It’s hard to believe I started, fresh faced and […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-09

Students and cooking are two words not commonly associated with each other, nor are students known to eat particularly healthy. We all have to tighten our belts and wallets from time to time and try to live off 25 cent Aldi instant noodles, but the chances are, if you’re eating crap, then you’re going to […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-09

Gym memes are a popular phenomenon on social media. We’ve all seen videos of people doing things wrong in the gym and most of the responses to them are people finding it funny, but is gym shaming really okay? An Focal conducted a Twitter survey to find out how students felt about gym memes and […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-07

When you think of the word ‘Priest’, many connotations come to mind. Some are positive, whilst others not so much. Now imagine a priest surrounded by hormonal, brutally honest teenagers who is more open to change than the Pope. “If [the Catholic Church] doesn’t change then it will die, but maybe it has to die […]

Megan Thornton 2018-03-07

On February 1st, UL Feminist Society and UL for Choice held a Conversation for Choice in the Jonathan Swift Theatre. The event included speakers from several pro-choice groups such as Parents4choice, Lawyers4choice, Medstudents4Choice, disability rights activist Aisling Kenny and Labour TD Jan O’ Sullivan. The event was held as part of a week of events […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-07

It’s been one hundred years since Irish women were granted the right to vote – albeit only women over thirty with property or a university education were the given the opportunity. However, this was the start that was needed to push forward to extend the right to vote to all women, as it stands today. […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-06

When I first heard of the word LuLitMi I genuinely that it was a medical condition. To be honest, what really stuck out to me when I entered this forum was the noise. To any passer-by it sounded like normal chatter, but if you listened a little closer you could hear ideas being challenged and […]

Ryan Jennings 2018-03-06

Feminism – it’s a word that seems to anger people more than bring them together. Even self-described anti-feminists have admitted that there are a myriad of problems still facing women, particularly in developing nations. There are societal and institutionalized forms of exploitation that women face that urgently need to be addressed. If men can agree […]