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Fresher’s Week 2016

By Editor Sep 6, 2016

By Cliodhna Condon

Another year, another Fresher’s Week. As a second year, I’m still devastated that I don’t have a Fresher’s Pack or that it doesn’t seem quite as acceptable to go out every night. The excuse of “I’m just making friends” is heavily out-weighed by the fact that I already have assigned readings for lectures…and QCAs are kind of important now.

Fresher’s Week is being run by the Student’s Union in order to introduce new students to the social aspect of UL as well as welcoming back everyone else. It usually results in many sleep ins and empty wallets but it is only one week a year so we can’t feel too guilty about that.

With County Colours and ‘Phil n the Blanks’ being quite a success, this week is looking to be a packed one. Tonight is the foam party in the SU Courtyard and there has been a buzz all day around it. Tomorrow will see Freshers Fest followed by a party thrown by the Tea Appreciation Society on Thursday and International Night on Friday. Of course there are also events on during the day that you may have spotted in the courtyard but be sure to continue to check in on them as there are always free things to be won.

If you have any questions at all about what will be happening or how to get tickets, stop in to the Student’s Union. If you can’t locate it, The First Seven Weeks crew are around campus to answer any little or big question you may have and are always willing to help. Have fun and stay safe.



By Editor

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