Society in the Spotlight: UL Tea Appreciation Society


Do you love tea? Are you passionate about all types of tea, the intricacies of brewing, all possible combinations and permutations? Then tea appreciation society is for you! For aspiring tea masters and or those who just want to relax with a cuppa at the end of a hard day’s study, we invite you to come join and try something new. Nobody can be bad at drinking tea. Tea Society is a place to talk about anything and everything. There are so many wonderful varieties to experiment with.

UL Tea Appreciation Society is only two years old, but is on its way to becoming a firm favourite for UL students. Our aims are to promote the physical, mental and social benefits of tea, as well as providing a safe, relaxed and non-alcoholic atmosphere for people to meet and get to know each other. Our variety of loose leaf teas have expanded people’s knowledge of tea, and our regular events have resulted in firm friendships and a weekly home from home for many students

This year we are going from strength to strength, having had a wide variety of events for our members, including our international tea night, our Irish culture night, our Charity week TEAtotallers party, and our day trip to Galway. Through the inclusion of activities, games, books, workshops, challenges and trips we have given ourselves a new name and a new image on campus whereby tea has a purpose and a relationship with people’s interests and lives.

Our members come from every aspect of college life: undergraduate, postgraduate, Erasmus, international, staff and sabbatical officer! We are very proud of this semester’s ‘I Drink Tea because…’ campaign. In recent weeks we have planned a campus wide infiltration of all things tea, and of the ethos that is at the heart of Tea Appreciation Society. We also love to collaborate with other societies and have already had events with International Society, Games Society, History Society, Africa Society, Cumann Gaelach and Fan Forum Society.

Outside of Barry’s and Lyons, our selection of teas is endless, and include teas from every corner of the world. Tea has amazing physical and mental benefits, and can help with everything from a headache to an all-nighter. Feeling fluey? Try some lemon and ginger tea! Feeling like something different? Try some toffee popcorn tea!

To become a member of Tea Appreciation Society it’s just €3. For more details like us on Facebook, or search for our group “UL Tea Appreciation Society”.