Those three words

By Editor Sep 14, 2015

By Jean Powell


Those three words mean nothing to a girl like me

I’ve been too badly burned

And that’s what I learned

That those words meaning nothing to me


If it was an art to break your heart

Then you’d see my work in the national gallery


Through the carnage I’ve come out quite tarnished

And yet there you were

Our first date was at the bar

And you didn’t get very far

But I thought I could really like you

And we made a deal to make it easy

Uncomplicated, unromantic and not one bit cheesy.


Now I see love is a choice you make

It’s in the way you behave

It’s how you make me laugh

And enjoying what you have


So don’t say those three words that are so insignificant to a girl like me

Don’t say them with meaning or flippancy

Don’t look into my eyes and consider them


All I want you to do

Is to behave like they mean something to you

Cos those three words mean nothing to me



By Editor

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