Editor 2015-11-04

  By Tomás Heneghan   It’s Panti time! And no better timing than recent weeks for this moving story to be released into the wilds of Irish cinema.   The Queen of Ireland, as I’m sure many people already know, channels the life and energy of drag artist, Rory O’Neill as the one and only […]

Editor 2015-10-27

  By Aisling O’Connor   Not everyone can stomach horror movies but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of Halloween. For those less inclined to spend Halloween awake all night in terror, we’ve compiled a list of the best Not-so-scary Halloween movies.   1) Hotel Transylvania It’s quirky, funny, and who would […]

Editor 2015-10-27

  By Gearóid McCarthy   With what is (in)arguably the best holiday of the year upon us, Halloween-themed movies are crucial for the seasonal spirit. Whether you are seeking a spooky night-in amid the raging skeleton war, or simply want to relive the tricks and treats of your childhood, I aim to include something for […]