Nicole Glennon and Aimee Wells 2018-10-04

Hook and Ladder 7 Sarsfield Street This week, our veggies took a break from plant based eateries to try something a little more mainstream. As most herbivores will know, it is hard to find new, exciting, or interesting vegetarian options on a regular menu. This week we decided to see what we could find in […]

Christine Costello 2018-10-03

Since its release in 2004, Mean Girls has been regarded as one of the most influential chick flicks in cinematic history. No Wednesday goes without a pink and no October 3rd without a cheesy clickbait article from just about every Facebook page.   An Focal are proud to jump on the bandwagon and bring you […]

Chloe O Keefe 2018-10-01

The University of Limerick is a home away from home for over 11,000 students from Undergrad to Masters. You will spend 4 or more years here, and so you’ll quickly find it your second home also, with so many memories ready to be made, as well as new friends from all over the country, and […]

Nicole Glennon and Aimee Wells 2018-09-28

The Grove 11 Cecil Street A vegetarian kitchen located on Cecil Street. A firm stable in Limerick, they have been serving vegetarian and vegan main courses, salads and desserts for 30 years. Unlike the laid back yet formal setting of the Old Fire Station, (reviewed last week) the Grove is much more quaint and homely, […]

Nicole Glennon 2018-09-28

This month University Concert Hall (UCH) celebrated 25 years. Geographically, it is situated right in the middle of UL, but it’s place at the centre of student life goes beyond location. It’s the place you go on Open Day, still unsure whether University of Limerick is the place for you. It’s the start of your […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-09-28

When Fight Club came out in 1999, it failed to make a profit at the box office, got one technical Oscar nomination in Sound Effects Editing, and caused Hollywood to take less risks on edgy, adult novel adaptations. Yet 20 years later, the film is a cultural phenomenon, it is often cited in critics circles […]

Christine Costello 2018-09-27

Mick Flannery will perform at a Lunchtime Concert in University of Limerick this afternoon.   The concert will be held in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and presented by the MA in Songwriting.   All are welcome to attend and admission is free.   The singer-somgwriter will also host an exclusive workshop […]