Editor 2017-03-01

By Paul Saunders Twenty-eight bicycles were stolen from the University of Limerick campus last year. This averages to approximately one bike stolen every academic week in 2016. Bike security has become a major issue among students on campus, with many students dissatisfied with the security services. Tariq El Masri, had his bike secured outside the […]

Editor 2017-02-27

By Jonas Ditlevsen UL really is a wonderful place to be an international student. Social activities abound, the community is vibrant, and academic pursuits are readily available. Guinness somehow tastes better here than it does at home (I’m not sure what kind of bog magic goes into it, but I like it!) Being an international […]

Editor 2017-02-22

By Ciara Maria Hayes 1. Go on a group holiday Some people may have already done this with Leaving Cert holidays becoming increasingly popular but if you haven’t, group holidays can be a great opportunity to explore a new place and meet new people along with your mates. 2. Go to a music festival There’s […]

Editor 2017-02-21

By Yash Sanghvi Winter was a different experience altogether this year, instead of heading back home to visit the family I was given the chance to roam Europe. I decided to go a step further and that after my flight to Europe, I would use trains for the rest of the trip. I left for […]

Editor 2017-02-20

By Tom O’Brien, Kayak Club PRO The trip started as it went on, nineteen paddlers waking at a ridiculous hour all in the name of the glorious sport we call kayaking. With the vehicles packed and ready to go we left from UL with excitement and encouraged by members who had gone before that it’s […]

Editor 2017-02-17

By Rebecca Laffan Think you know Irish slang? Finally, understand all of it? Test that knowledge with our quiz. If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?

Editor 2017-02-17

By Kayley Hardiman On Wednesday 1st of February, UL held its first ever Festival of Cultures in the Student Courtyard. The aim of the event was to celebrate the diversity and togetherness of UL students. It celebrated the large volume of international students in UL and gave students the opportunity to get to know other […]

Editor 2017-01-19

By Shubhangi Kakkar Indo–Irish culture has been greatly influenced by their former rulers, the British. A key that has created similarities in these cultures while being from totally divergent spheres. While studying in Ireland for a semester I thought I might list off the similarities and differences between our great nations: Indian culture is more […]