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Ciara Ferguson 2018-09-13

I am not a fresher. I am older and wiser and I wish to share my knowledge on how to get maximum fun out of fresher’s week and live to tell the tale. Here is your fresher’s week survival guide: How to survive fresher’s week when you’re not a fresher. I am no longer a […]

Editor 2017-04-19

By Ciara Ferguson If you’re self-conscious about your weight, going to the gym can be one of the most daunting experiences ever. The fear of being judged takes over and makes the whole thought of the gym absolutely terrifying. I went to the gym for the first time today and here are five things my […]

Editor 2017-04-18

By Ciara Maria Hayes 13 Reasons Why is, without a doubt, the biggest TV sensation this year so far. The show, based on the novel by Jay Asher, was made available to stream on Netflix recently and since then it’s been the only thing the Internet can talk about. If you haven’t seen it already, […]

Editor 2017-04-11

By Eimear Kelly 1: Plan Make a list of what you must do to prepare for exams and upcoming assignments. A timetable probably wouldn’t go astray either. At least you’ll feel organised, even if you really aren’t. 2: Get rest It’s not easy to resist a few pints or a late night with friends (or […]

Editor 2017-04-10

By Ciara Maria Hayes 1. Never wearing dresses You wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress or a skirt. Especially not if it was pink, much to your mother’s disappointment. Trackie bottoms and football shorts all the way. 2. Peoples shock when they hear you owned a PlayStation 2 “But they’re for boys!” Well, you […]

Editor 2017-04-05

By Caitlin Griffin The new series that recently began streaming on Netflix is adapted from a book and already has raving reviews despite only being aired on March 31st. 1. Enlightening It should be taught in secondary schools around the world as it teaches teenagers a valuable lesson about bullying. Especially in the season finale […]

Editor 2017-04-03

By Aisling O’Connor Donald Trump may believe that climate change is a conspiracy created by the Chinese, but unfortunately, it is a very real issue. Sources say that we are entering the largest mass extinction since the age of the dinosaurs. Mufasa wasn’t lying in the Lion King when he said that we’re all connected […]

Editor 2017-03-30

By Rebecca Laffan Okay I’m in. I’m committed. Jesus, it’s roasting in here. Shite, where’s my card? One day I will effortlessly beep in but today is just not that day people. Yeah, just walk around me there. I know, I’m a disgrace. STOP GLARING AT ME SECURITY GUARD CAN’T YOU SEE I’M FLUSTERED? Found […]